Ideologies Defined Through Simple Shapes

May 22, 2012 — 9 Comments

Genis Carreras is a London based graphic designer, born in Catalonia. This is a poster series he created using basic geometric shapes to define some of life’s more complex ideas. Love it.

9 responses to Ideologies Defined Through Simple Shapes


    Do you or do you not study ideology?


    The symbol for atheism seems a little off the mark to me.


      I thought this too. I might have left a white canvas.


        I think I agree, the symbol for atheism seems to represent more of a hatred toward Christianity than a lack of belief in a deity. I suppose one could argue its the same thing, depending on your perspective, but this could be mistaken as the artists bias coming through. Not really sure though. XD


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    Great and simple representations of complex ideas !


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    Don’t we all just love Minimalism?


    These are great, concept and color.

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