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Here’s the latest and greatest from Foster the People. Honestly, I’m a little confused as to why they’ve adopted the boy band, synchronized dance moves, but as long as they’re not going full on “N Sync – Bye Bye Bye” I can deal with it.

[youtube height=150]

Here’s the latest sneak peak from M.I.A.s new album, expected to drop sometime this summer.

Typographic Dating

April 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

This fantastic little site, The Type Connection, let’s you try your hand at match making when it come to typography. Not only it is a great learning tool, it’s pretty damn fun to play around with.

Color Forecast

April 29, 2012 — Leave a comment

Color Forecast is a website that gives you real time updates as to what colors are trending in the fashion capitals of the world. It’s a tool developed for Pimpie, a clothing brand. Check out what it’s all about below.

Transmission LA: AV Club

April 23, 2012 — 1 Comment

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a festival hosted by Mike D. of the Beastie boys. It’s composed of 17 artists from different disciplines, brought together for a 17 day event consisting of concerts, performances and installations. Avant/Garde Diaries, is open to the public on a first come first serve basis, and is running through the 6th of May. If you’re in LA, go check it out. It looks rad.

[vimeo height=285]

Not only are these two little girls simply adorable, but their father is wildly creative when it comes to photographing them. Jason Lee is a wedding photographer who started a photo journal of his two daughters back in 2006. Simply fantastic.

Hemingway and Gellhorn

April 18, 2012 — 2 Comments

It seems of late, that I have been enthralled by anything to do with Hemingway’s life. His was a brilliant, beautiful, impulsive, yet tragic life. This is the story of his third wife, Martha Gellhorn, his inspiration “For Whom the Bell Tolls”. I sure hope it doesn’t disappoint.